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Caohejing Hi-Tech park

Located in the south-west of Shanghai, Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, is only 11 km away from the city centre, and 7 km away from Hongqiao International Airport. Its total planned area is 6 square kilometres.

Caohejing Hi-Tech Park is a newly-emerged industrial zone that specialises in the development of computers and computer software, large scale integrated circuits and microelectronics technology, numerical controlled communication, precision instruments, bioengineering, space technology, and advanced-electronic technology. It consists of Caohejing Microelectronics Industrial Park, an instrument industry zone and a reserved land of 160 hectares.

Caohejing has a favourable natural environment. It has a solid base in the electronic industry with 35 factories specialising in the manufacture of electronic components, TV sets, electronic instruments, metres, and equipment for post & telecommunications, etc. Near the park, there are 20 universities and research institutes which have sophisticated equipment and experienced researchers.

The infrastructure construction of four square kilometres area in the park has been completed. Roads, bridges, water, power and gas supply, and telecommunications facilities have been built. There is a green belt of 1 km long and 20 metres wide. A multi-purpose administration building with an area of tens of thousands of square metres has been set up, providing offices, restaurants, conference halls, hotels, banks, Customs, taxation, and insurance services to enterprises within the park.

Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Development Corporation is responsible for the construction of infrastructure and the management of the park. The corporation can be contracted to design and implement engineering projects, to provide services with respect to storage, transport, business, training and residing, to participate in the establishment of joint ventures and co-operative joint ventures and in the provision of facilities and service, to provide consultancy and agency services on introducing foreign technology and capital.

By the end of 1995, 180 foreign-invested enterprises had settled in the park. The total amount of investment reached $1.06 billion, among which foreign investment was $0.7 billion. In 1994, the total sales of the enterprises here was RMB 9.2 billion. A lot of hi-tech enterprises have emerged during the recent years and the output value, profits, export amounts increase year by year. It is estimated that the output value of 1995 will exceed RMB 10 billion. An up-to-date hi-tech park, which attracts the attention of entrepreneurs all over the world, has already been opened up before our eyes.

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