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Baoshan City Industrial Park

Baoshan District bordering on the sea and facing the river has emerged at the estuary of the Yangtze River in a new posture of the subsidiary city in the north of Shanghai. The unique geographic position and superior port and railway transport have promoted the increasing soar of Baoshan's economy. Baoshan District, the ideal base and hinterland of industrial proliferation, is gradually becoming the largest centre of container manufacturing, storage and transport in the whole country and even the Far East. The birth of Baoshan City Industrial Park has just come upon the flourishing age.

Baoshan City Industrial Park, approved by Shanghai Municipal People's Government as a municipality-class industrial zone, is located in the southwest part of Baoshan District. It is adjacent to Putuo District and Jiading District. On one side is the Hujia Expressway and on the other side is the widened Hutai Highway. It also stands by the planned Outer Ring Road and the Yunzaobang River which is a navigable river for 1,000-ton-grade cargo ships. All these, plus Baoshan's unique advantages of port and railway transport, form a good land and water transport network in its periphery. This park is 10 kilometres from the city centre, 8 kilometres from Shanghai Railway Station, 15 kilometres from Hongqiao International Airport and 16 kilometres from the container wharfs of Handling Area No.9, No.10 and No.14 of Shanghai Port. It is the municipality-class industrial park which is the nearest to the city centre, and the most ideal base and hinterland for industrial development.

Baoshan City Industrial Park with a planned area of 4 square kilometres has adopted the method of constructing and merchandising while planning to develop an area of 1.5 square kilometres during its first-phase project. This park has completed a city-type, white colour road of 1.4 kilometres long and 24-35 metres wide. A medium-pressure gas pipeline 700 mm in diametre has been laid through the park. A running water plant which has a capacity of supplying 15,000 tons of water a day for production in its first phase and a 35 KV substation have started construction. Waste water has been brought into the municipal waste discharge network. A telephone exchange with an installed capacity of 60,000 telephones is open. The park's main trunks linking with National Highway No.204 and Hutai Qilianshan Road and Fengxing Road, have been widened. The necessary public facilities covering a planned area of 25 hectares and gardened villas spotted in the green belt of Outer Ring Road will also be developed and constructed soon. Baoshan City Industrial Zone takes auto parts, machinery and electricity, electronics, instrument, computer, light industry, glass products, food processing, storage and transport and related industries as its orientation.

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