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We offer a rich variety of pianos traditional and classical in style, ranging from upright to grand, which are fit to be played on a great many occasions. While drawing on the essence of the ancient traditions in piano making, we also apply the strict technical management of the modern times in the process of production. Every procedure from material selection to finish is carried out to gain ever-new improvement. Polyester and satin are two main materials. The products have been sold in over 60 countries and regions throughout the world.

  • Upright Piano
    SKYWAY110GE   H: 1103mm L: 1500mm W: 597mm
    SKYWAY110GD   H: 1103mm L: 1480mm W: 575mm
    SKYWAY108E   H: 1080mm L: 1465mm W: 567mm
    SKYWAY120B   H: 1200mm L: 1470mm W: 595mm
    SKYWAY120E   H: 1200mm L: 1480mm W: 603mm
    SKYWAY120A   H: 1200mm L: 1465mm W: 567mm
    SKYWAY122B   H: 1220mm L: 1480mm W: 605mm
    SKYWAY122A   H: 1220mm L: 1480mm W: 600mm
    SKYWAY130     H: 1300mm L: 1520mm W: 660mm
    SKYWAY108GA   H: 1080mm L: 1470mm W: 569mm
    SKYWAY125A   H: 1250mm L: 1530mm W: 580mm
    SKYWAY117D   H: 1080mm L: 1465mm W: 567mm
    SKYWAY117C   H: 1170mm L: 1427mm W: 605mm
    SKYWAY120H   H: 1200mm L: 1465mm W: 610mm
    SKYWAY110A   H:1100mm L: 1465mm W: 567mm
    SKYWAY118     H: 1160mm L: 1470mm W: 606mm

  • Grand Pianos
    SKYWAY170 1700X1550X1000 mm

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