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Erh Hu

    Every musical instrument is meticulously made by adopting traditional technology and the most advanced modern technique. The factory is making unremitting efforts in creating ideal sound effects and promoting the cultural exchange among the people of different countries of the world.

  • Blackwood Erh Hu (Chinese Violin)
  • 031 Ebony Erh Hu (Chinese Violin)
  • 011 Blackwood Octagonal Erh Hu (Chinese Violin)
  • 080 Blackwood Zhong Hu (Chinese Violin)
  • 132 Blackwood Erh Hu (Chinese Violin)
  • 021 Blackwood Erh Hu (Chinese Violin)
  • 121 Blackwood Erh Hu (Chinese Violin)
  • 545 Blackwood Pi-Pa (Chinese Guitar)
  • 541 Blackwood and Ivory Pi-Pa (Chinese Guitar)
  • 543 Blackwood Pi-Pa (Chinese Guitar)
  • 687 Ivory Wood Ancient Lute

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