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  • Crystalline Artware I
  • Crystalline Artware II

  • Standing Nude Horse Head(12.2 inch ) & Merlion(8.0 inch)
    Spread Eagle
    Sitting Nude(9.0 inch) Bull(8.0 inch)
    Abstract Bueaty(14.0 inch) Abstract Bust & Rome Beauty Bust(12.2 inch)
    Gazelle Jupiter(13.3 inch) & Egypt Empress(12.0 inch)
    Hunting Dog Greece Bueaty(8.9 inch)
    Tiger(8.0 inch) Trifrog (4.0 inch) & Trifish(5.0 inch)
    Lion(L)(7.5 inch) & Lion(S)(6.0 inch) Eagle and Garland(10.5 inch)
    Draped Deco Woman(26.0 inch) Stanging pieryot with Mandolin(17.0 inch)
    Archad Deco Woman (25.2 inch) Athlete(14.5 inch)
    Deco Woman(17.4 inch) Greek Knignt(11.5 inch)
    Standing Horse(16.0 inch) & Steed(11.0 inch) Gulfer(15.5 inch)
    Goat(12.2 inch) Deco Woman & City Beauty Bust(10.3 inch)
    Dancing Girl Goddess with Wings(13.5 inch)
    Pierrot in Dream(11.5 inch)
    Standing Cat(9.0 inch) & Reclining Cat(5.0 inch) Standing Eagle(11.5 inch)
    Abstract Couple(13.8 inch) Lady With Roses(19 inch)
    Striking Eagle(19.3 inch) Bathing Bueaty(8.9 inch)
    Nude With Long Hair(16.2 inch) Swinging Bueaty(8.9 inch)
    Sail Boat(15.3 inch) Baseball Player(14 1/2 inch)
    Horse(10.6 inch) & Unicorn(12.2 inch) Swinging Dancer (16 1/2 inch)
    Girl with Violin(22.0 inch) Flower Skirt Lady(17 inch)
    Plate Dancing & Noble Lady(20.5 inch) Catwalk Girl(8.9 inch)
    Magic Woman Relaxing Girl(17 1/2 inch)
    Bowwoman(15.7 inch) Roman Bowman(17 1/2 inch)
    Owl(8.6 inch) & Cock(11.8 inch) Combing Girl(18 3/4 inch)
    Deco Bust(9.5 inch) Watching Girl(19 1/2 inch)
    Abstract Reclining(8.0 inch) Dragon(8 1/2 inch)
    Lion(5.5 inch) & Lion(4.3 inch) Flower and Girl(14 1/2 inch) & Pipa Girl(13 3/4 inch)
    Nudeman(17.0 inch) Indiana Girl(13 inch)
    Shy Girl(17.0 inch) Resting Beauty(10 1/4 inch)
    Beauty and Bird(12.5 inch) Sport Dolphin(8 inch)
    Diamond Steed(11.0 inch) Snake(13 1/2 inch)
    Standing Lion(5.0 inch) & Sitting Lion(5.5 inch) Pierrot With Trumpet(10 1/2 inch) & Pierrot with
    Rhinoceros(4.8 inch) Instrument(13 inch)
    Acobic Girl (8.0 inch) Swan Goose(13 inch) & Pondering Young Girl(7 1/4 inch)
    Pierror Playing Mandolin(7.5 inch) & Dancing Clown(13.0 inch) Bueaty with Jar(15 1/2 inch) & Goddess Bust(10 1/4 inch)
    Funny Pierrot(12 3/4 inch) & Acrobatic Pierrot(10 1/2 inch)

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