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  • Inorganic Pigments
  • Organic Pigments

    Inorganic Pigments
    Iron Oxide Black 722
    Iron Oxide Black 722A
    Iron Oxide Black 722D
    Iron Oxide Black 723
    Iron Oxide Black 723A
    Iron Oxide Brown S580
    Iron Phthaleins Green S520
    Iron Oxide Red 110
    Iron Oxide Red 130
    Iron Oxide Red 139
    Iron Oxide Red 140
    Iron Oxide Red 160
    Iron Oxide Red 180
    Iron Oxide Red 190
    Iron Oxide Yellow 313
    Iron Oxide Yellow 313A
    Iron Oxide Yellow 313B
    Iron Oxide Yellow 313C
    Iron Oxide Yellow 313D
    Barium Chrome Yellow 902
    Cadmium Red
    Calcium Chrome Yellow 901
    Cobalt Oxide Yellow(99%)
    Cupric Oxide(98%,95%)
    Deep Chrome Yellow
    Lead Oxide Red (97%,98%)
    Lead Oxide Yellow(99%)
    Lemon Chrome Yellow
    Light Chrome Yellow
    502 Light Chrome Yellow
    Middle Chrome Yellow
    Medium Chrome Yellow
    143 Middle Chrome Yellow
    Molyb Date Red 107
    Molyb Date Red 207
    Nickle Oxide
    Orange Chrome Yellow
    115N Orange Chrome Yellow
    7125 Orange Chrome Yellow
    501 Primrose Chrome
    561 Primrose Chrome
    506 Primrose Chrome Yellow
    Prussian Blue
    Strontium Chrome Yellow 801
    Strontium Chrome Yellow 802
    Permanent Middle Chrome Yellow 803
    Titanium Dioxide B101,Enamel Grade or Rutile
    Transparent Iron Oxide Yellow
    Zinc Chrome Yellow
    Zinc Chrome Yellow 109
    Zinc Chrome Yellow 208
    Zinc Chrome Yellow 209
    Zinc Chrome Yellow 309
    Zinc Molydbate
    Zinc Yellow
    Zinc Oxide Activated(99.7%)
    Thermo Yellow QS-3000
    Thermo Yellow QS-1500
    Thermo Yellow QS-2900
    Thermo Yellow QS-3500
    Thermo Yellow QS-1200
    Thermo Orange QS-8000
    Thermo Orange QS-7000

    Organic Pigments
    Red Series:
    Fast Red BBC(Pigment Red 48:2)
    Fast Red BBM(Pigment Red 48:4)
    Fast Red BBN(Pigment Red 48:1)
    Fast Red BBS(Pigment Red 48:3)
    Fast Red BF(Pigment Red 31)
    Fast Red FBB(Pigment Red 146)
    Fast Red F4R(Pigment Red 8)
    Fast Red FGR(Pigment Red 112)
    Fast Red F2R(Pigment Red 2)
    Fast Red LG(Pigment Red 58:1)
    Fast Red N(Pigment Red 22)
    Fast Red RN(Pigment Red 3)
    Fast Red 2R(Pigment Red 21)
    Lithol Bordeaux 2R(Pigment Red 63:1)
    Lithol Red C(Pigment Red 53:1)
    Lithol Red R(Pigment Red 49:1)
    Lithol Red RB(Pigment Red 49:2)
    Lithol Rubine A6B(Pigment Red 57:1)
    Lithol Rubine BK(Pigment Red 57:1)
    Lithol Rubine BK-W(Pigment Red 57:1)
    Lithol Rubine 6B(Pigment Red 57:1)
    Solvent Red 24
    Yellow Series:
    Benzene Yellow G(Pigment Yellow 12)
    Fast Yellow G(Pigment Yellow 1)
    Fast Yellow GG(Pigment Yellow 17)
    Fast Yellow GR(Pigment Yellow 13)
    Fast Yellow 2GS(Pigment Yellow 14)
    Fast Yellow HR(Pigment Yellow 83)
    Orange Series:
    Fast Orange G(Pigment Orange 13)
    Fast Orange RN(Pigment Orange 5)
    Oil Orange G(Pigment Orange 14)
    Violet Series:
    Fast Violet RN(Pigment Violet 23)
    Fast Violet Toner R(Pigment Violet 3)
    Phthalocyanine Series:
    Phthalocyanine Blue B(Red Shade, Pigment Blue 15:0)
    Phthalocyanine Blue BGS (Pigment Blue 15:3)
    Phthalocyanine Blue BS (Pigment Blue 15:1)
    Phthalocyanine Blue BX (Pigment Blue 15:0)
    Phthalocyanine Blue Crude 95%(Solvent way)
    Phthalocyanine Green G (Pigment Green 7)
    Phthalocyanine Green G Crude 98% (Pigment Green 7)
    Phthalocyanine Green 7 (SUN Chemical 3120)
    Phthalocyanine Green 7 (SUN Chemical 0414)
    Phthalocyanine Green 7 (BASF 8730)
    Phthalocyanine blue BSX

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