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  • Dyestuffs
    Acid Dyes:
    Acid Black ATT-M
    Acid Black 10B(Acid Black 1)
    Acid Black BG(Acid Black 31)
    Acid Black BRN
    Acid Blue-Black BR(Acid Black 24)
    Acid Bright Yellow G(Acid Yellow 11)
    Acid Bright Yellow 2G(Acid Yellow 17)
    Acid Brown 2R(Acid Brown 14)
    Acid Brown RL(Acid Brown 2)
    Acid Corith N-5BL(Acid Red 299)
    Acid Chrome Grey BS(Mordant Black 13)
    Acid Dark Blue 5R(Acid Blue 113)
    Acid Dark Blue GR(Acid Blue 120)
    Acid Green GS(Acid Green 25)
    Acid Light Red 2G(Acid Red 1)
    Acid Milling Yellow G(Acid Yellow 117)
    Acid Navy Blue(Acid Blue 92)
    Acid Orange GS(Acid Orange 33)
    Acid Orange II(Acid Orange 7)
    Acid Red A(Acid Red 88)
    Acid Red B(Acid Red 14)
    Acid Red G(Acid Red 35 or 1)
    Acid Red 6B(Acid Violet 35)
    Acid Scarlet GR(Acid Red 73)
    Acid Scarlet Moo(Acid Red 73)
    Acid Scarlet 3R(Acid Red 18)
    Azoic Dyes:
    Fast Blue Salt VRT(Azoic Diazo Component 22)
    Fast Bordeaux GP Base(Azoic Diazo Component 1)
    Fast Red B Base(Azoic Diazo Component 5)
    Fast Red GL Base(Azoic Diazo Component 8)
    Fast Red ITR Base(Azoic Diazo Component 42)
    Fast Red RL Base(Azoic Diazo Component 34)
    Fast Scarlet G Base(Azoic Diazo Component 12)
    Fast Scarlet RC Base(Azoic Diazo Component 13)
    Fast Yellow GC Base(Azoic Diazo Component 44)
    Naphthol AS(Azoic Coupling Component 2)
    Naphthol AS-BO(Azoic Coupling Component 4)
    Naphthol AS-BS(Azoic Coupling Component 17)
    Naphthol AS-CA(Azoic Coupling Component 34)
    Naphthol AS-D(Azoic Coupling Component 18)
    Naphthol AS-E(Azoic Coupling Component 10)
    Naphthol AS-G(Azoic Coupling Component 5)
    Naphthol AS-IRG(Azoic Coupling Component 44)
    Naphthol AS-LC(Azoic Coupling Component 23)
    Naphthol AS-OL(Azoic Coupling Component 20)
    Naphthol AS-PH(Azoic Coupling Component 14)
    Naphthol AS-RL(Azoic Coupling Component 11)
    Naphthol AS-SG(Azoic Coupling Component 13)
    Naphthol AS-SW(Azoic Coupling Component 7)
    Basic Dyes:
    Basic Black BR-M
    Basic Bright Yellow O(Basic Yellow 2)
    Basic Brilliant Blue B (Basic Blue 26)
    Basic Brilliant Blue BO(Basic Blue 7)
    Basic Brilliant Blue R(Basic Blue 11)
    Basic Brilliant Green(Basic Green 1)
    Basic Brown G(Basic Brown 1)
    Basic Green(Basic Green 4)
    Basic Orange(Basic Orange 2)
    Basic Pink(Basic Red 2)
    Basic Sky Blue 2B(Basic Blue 9)
    Basic Violet 5BN(Basic Violet 3)
    Cationic Dyes:
    Cationic Bright Yellow 7GL(Basic Yellow 24)
    Cationic Yellow X-8GL(Basic Yellow 13)
    Cationic Golden Yellow X-GL(Basic Yellow 28)
    Cationic Red 2GL(Basic Red 29)
    Cationic Brilliant Blue RL (Blue 54)
    Cationic Blue X-GRRL(Basic Blue 41)
    Cationic Turquoise Blue X-GB(Basic Blue 3)
    Cationic Brilliant Blue RL(Basic Blue 54)
    Cationic Red X-GRL(Basic Red 46)
    Cationic Red X-FG(Basic Red 13)
    Cationic Red X-5GN(Basic Red 14)
    Cationic Red 3R(Basic Violet 16)
    Cationic Black X-RL Mixed
    Direct Dyes:
    Direct Black TBRN
    Direct Black 38
    Direct Bordeaux(Direct Red 23)
    Direct Chrysophenine G(Direct Yellow 12)
    Direct Copper Blue 2R or 2B(Direct Blue 86)
    Direct Dark Brown M(Direct Brown 2)
    Direct Fast Black G(Direct Black 19)
    Direct Fast Black GF(Direct Black 22)
    Direct Fast Blue 5B(Direct Blue 86)
    Direct Fast Green BLL(Direct Green 26)
    Direct Green B(Direct Green 26)
    Direct Grey D(Direct Black 17)
    Direct Pink 12B(Direct Red 31)
    Direct Scarlet 4BS(Direct Red 23)
    Direct Sky Blue 5B(Direct Blue 15)
    Direct Turquoise Blue(Direct Blue 86)
    Disperse Dyes:
    Disperse Black S-3BL
    Disperse Black S-2BL
    Disperse Blue S-BGL(Disperse Blue 73)
    Disperse Blue SE-2R(Disperse Blue 183)
    Disperse Blue 2BLN(Disperse Blue 56)
    Disperse Brown S-2BL
    Disperse Grey N
    Disperse Navy Blue H-GL(Disperse Blue 79)
    Disperse Orange 76
    Disperse Red FB(Disperse Red 60)
    Disperse Red 3-B(Disperse Red 60)
    Disperse Rubine S-2GFL(Disperse Red 167)
    Disperse Scarlet S-BWFL(Disperse Red 74)
    Disperse Scarlet S-FL(Disperse Red 72)
    Disperse Scarlet S-GFL(Disperse Red 54)
    Disperse Violet H-FRL(Disperse Violet 31)
    Disperse Yellow Brown S-3RFL(Disperse Orange 44)
    Disperse Yellow Brown S-2RFL(Disperse Orange 30)
    Disperse Yellow E-2G(Disperse Yellow 54)
    Disperse Yellow 3G(Disperse Yellow 60)
    Reactive Dyes:
    Reactive Black K-BR(Reactive Black 8)
    Reactive Black KN-B(Reactive Black 5)
    Reactive Bright Yellow K-6G(Reactive Yellow 2)
    Reactive Bright Yellow KD-3G
    Reactive Bright Yellow X-6G(Reactive Yellow 1)
    Reactive Brilliant Blue X-BR(Reactive Blue 4)
    Reactive Brilliant Orange K-GN(Reactive Orange 5)
    Reactive Brilliant Orange X-GN
    Reactive Brilliant Red K-2BP(Reactive Red 24)
    Reactive Brilliant Red KE-7B(Reactive Red 141)
    Reactive Brilliant Red KE-3B(Reactive Red 120)
    Reactive Brilliant Red X-3B(Reactive Red 2)
    Reactive Brilliant Yellow KE-3G
    Reactive Red KD-8B
    Reactive Turquoise Blue K-GL(Reactive Blue 14)
    Reactive Turquoise Blue KN-G(Reactive Blue 21)
    Reactive Turquoise Blue KN-R(Reactive Blue 19)
    Reactive Yellow Brown K-GR(Reactive Brown 2)
    Reactive Yellow K-RN(Reactive Yellow 3)
    Reactive Yellow X-R(Reactive Yellow 4)
    Sulphur Dyes:
    Sulphur Black B,BR(Sulphur Black 1)
    Sulphur Blue BRN(Sulphur Blue 7)
    Sulphur Blue CV(Sulphur Blue 15)
    Sulphur Brilliant Green (Sulphur Green 14)
    Sulphur Brilliant Green GB(Sulphur Green 3)
    Sulphur Dark Blue 3R(Sulphur Blue 5)
    Sulphur Dark Green
    Sulphur Green
    Sulphur Light Yellow GC(Sulphur Yellow 2)
    Sulphur Red Brown B3R(Sulphur Red 6)
    Sulphur Red LGF(Sulphur Red 14)
    Solublised Sulphur Black 1
    Sulphur Vat Black CLG(Sulphur Black 6)
    Sulphur Vat Blue RNX(Vat BLue 43)
    Sulphur Yellow Brown 5G(Sulphur Brown 10)
    Sulphur Yellow Brown 6G(Sulphur Orange 1)
    Vat Dyes:
    Bromo-Indigo(Vat Blue 1)
    Indigo(Vat Blue 1)
    Indigo Grains 60%(Vat Blue)
    Vat Blue BC(Vat Blue 6)
    Vat Blue RSN(Vat Blue 4)
    Vat Brilliant Violet 2R(Vat Violet 1)
    Vat Brown BR(Vat Brown 1)
    Vat Brown R(Vat Brown 3)
    Vat Dark Blue BO(Vat Blue 20)
    Vat Dark Blue VB-M
    Vat Direct Black(Vat Black 16)
    Vat Green FFB(Vat Green 1)
    Vat Grey BG(Vat Black 29)
    Vat Grey M(Vat Black 8)
    Vat Grey NBG
    Vat Grey 3B
    Vat Grey TS-M
    Vat Olive Green B(Vat Green 3)
    Vat Olive T(Vat Black 25)
    Vat Red BN
    Vat Scarlet R(Vat Red 29)
    Vat Yellow GCN(Vat Yellow 2)

    Colourants for Plastics
    Fluorescent Orange G
    Colour Index: Disperse Red 63
    Fluorescent Red BK
    Colour Index: Solvent Red 196
    Fluorescent Red 5B
    Colour Index: Vat Red 41
    Fluorescent Red GG
    Colour Index: Disperse Red 61
    Fluorescent Yellow 3G
    Colour Index: Solvent Green 5
    Fluorescent Yellow 8G
    Colour Index: Solvent Green 5
    Fluorescent Yellow 9G
    Colour Index: Solvent Green 5
    Solvent Blue YJB-1
    Colour Index: Solvent Blue 35
    Solvent Blue YJB-2
    Colour Index: Solvent Blue 36
    Solvent Green 5B
    Colour Index: Solvent Green 3
    Solvent Red EG
    Colour Index: Solvent Red135
    Solvent Red GS
    Colour Index: Solvent Red 111
    Solvent Red YJO-1
    Colour Index: Solvent Red 25
    Solvent Violet B
    Colour Index: Solvent Violet 13
    Solvent Violet R
    Colour Index: Solvent Violet 31
    Solvent Yellow AGR
    Colour Index: Solvent Yellow 147
    Solvent Yellow 3G
    Colour Index: Solvent Yellow 93

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